April 8th:  

Arrival Day - please register at Forlise 

7pm - 10pm - Poor Boyz State of Mind Premier

Exclusive Sherpas Cinema JP and Tom W street segment homage screening with beer and wine at Forlise 


April 9th: 

Morning - Wind Lip session 

Afternoon:  Blackcomb QP - Original 1997 classic 

Night: 8.30pm - Sushi Village dinner - limited to 40 tickets - ticket price TBC


April 10th:

Morning -  Group Shred. 

Afternoon - Whistler QP - Large and In Charge 

Night: 8pm - 2pm  Marc-Andre Concert / Patio Fire pit at GLC -  Award Ceremony


April 11th:  

Departure Day:  (Potentially some banana bread french toast on the way out) 




- Registration and event information is taking place at Forlise 

- All competitions will be jam format voted on by the riders themselves.