Our Mission

The JP Memorial is like-minded people gathering together to remember a hero and have a lot of fun.

It’s not a contest, but there is a contest. It’s not a festival, but there will be music. It’s an intimate springtime event and will be comprised of some pros, some ski-industry-types, and a bunch of other people who love skiing. 

A true throwback, the JP Memorial calls for a 90s outfit, film cameras, hi-8 video, etc. We encourage all documentation to be analog. There will be certain areas and hours in which we request no mobile devices, no instagram, and more importantly that you converse with the person next to you, stranger or not.

Take a breath and not worry about how many likes you get that day.

 Simply live in the now, live in the then.

Lets take it back to the good times of skiing, circa 1997. Let’s celebrate JP.

 We hope to see you there.



The Story

The first annual JP Memorial in arctic Riksgränsen, Sweden would have made JP proud.

There was a huge backflip thrown on a snow racer, epic sunset shoots, 20-year-old skis  and a good time had by all. It was a special event in the sport of skiing, when events are all too focused on triple corks and who goes the biggest out of an icy pipe.

The second event built upon that foundation.

Friends new and old from all over the world made the journey back to Riksgränsen to throw down the best back flip mutes in the business, showcasing the classic tricks of yesteryear, touring throughout the endless nights of sunlight and ending with a beautiful wickerman burning in memory of JP. It was exciting, emotional, and a very special event that defied all expectation of what a ski event could be. 

For the third annual JP Memorial, we are heading to another part of the world that was very special to JP - Whistler. 

There will be backflips, mute grabs, 90's outfits, hotdogs and maybe some sushi. 

The event week coincides with the  20th anniversary of the Salomon 1080, a ski that JP helped to develop and a turning point in the history of Freesking - a special celebration which we will be taking part in. 


This year we hope to see everyone back, meet new friends and make plenty of amazing memories...