April 8th:  

Arrival Day - please register at Forlise 

7pm - 10pm - Poor Boyz State of Mind Premier

Exclusive Sherpas Cinema JP and Tom W street segment homage screening with beer and wine at Forlise 


April 9th: 

Morning - Wind Lip session 

Afternoon:  Blackcomb QP - Original 1997 classic 

Night: 8.30pm - Sushi Village dinner - limited to 40 tickets - ticket price TBC


April 10th:

Morning -  Group Shred. 

Afternoon - Whistler QP - Large and In Charge 

Night: 8pm - 2pm  Marc-Andre Concert / Patio Fire pit at GLC -  Award Ceremony


April 11th:  

Departure Day:  (Potentially some banana bread french toast on the way out) 




- Registration and event information is taking place at Forlise 

- All competitions will be jam format voted on by the riders themselves.


This gathering is open to all and we expect to have as many non skiing participants as those who ski. Come have a few laughs. Come for a ski with the crew or just toss back a few beers with some of the world’s best skiers.


Best trick – period correct of course

Best mute backflip – always

Best QP straight air 

Best QP Trick

For the skiing comp there is small entry fee which is to be confirmed. 

Open to everyone in attendance:

Best 90s outfit

Most Fun

Best Photo

Send It Award

Please email us to get your name on the list so we can hold your spot


Confirmed pro athletes:

Mike Douglas

Vincent Dorion

Philou Poirier

Shane Szocs

Anthony Boronowski

TJ Schiller

Riley Leboe


General inquiries: