Our Mission

The JP Memorial is like-minded people gathering together to remember a hero and have a lot of fun.

It’s not a contest, but there is a contest. It’s not a festival, but there will be music. It’s an intimate springtime event and will be comprised of some pros, some ski-industry-types, and a bunch of other people who love skiing. 

 We hope to see you there.


The Story

The first annual JP Memorial in arctic Riksgränsen, Sweden would have made JP proud.

There was a huge backflip thrown on a snow racer, epic sunset shoots, 20-year-old skis  and a good time had by all. It was a special event in the sport of skiing, when events are all too focused on triple corks and who goes the biggest out of an icy pipe.


The second event built upon that foundation.

Friends new and old from all over the world made the journey back to Riksgränsen to throw down the best back flip mutes in the business, showcasing the classic tricks of yesteryear, touring throughout the endless nights of sunlight and ending with a beautiful wickerman burning in memory of JP. It was exciting, emotional, and a very special event that defied all expectation of what a ski event could be. 


That momentum and passion led us to part three. 

Last year we headed to Canada for the third annual event with familar faces and new friends in attendance from all over the world: many of the NCAF were on hand to share the memories and good times together, shred some classic tricks, raise a toast or two and create some new memories. From Backflips on the Windlip to Shushi down in the village, it was a once in a lifetime event yet again and a perfect celebration for 20 years of The NCAF and JP. 


So for part four...

We are very proud to annouce in partnership with the WSSF that the JP Memorial 4th Annual starts on April 10th 2018!

This year we hope to see everyone back, meet new friends and make plenty of amazing memories...save the date now!



This gathering is open to all and we expect to have as many non-skiing participants as those who ski. Come have a few laughs. Come for a ski with the crew or just toss back a few beers with some of the world’s best skiers.


TBD: We are planning something pretty special this year so watch this space!

Open to everyone in attendance:

Best 90s outfit

Most Fun

Best Photo

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The JP Memorial is very proud to work with our sponsors for 2018: