Our Mission

The JP Memorial is like minded people gathering together to remember a hero and have a lot of fun.

It’s not a contest, but there is a contest. It’s not a festival, but there will be music. It’s an intimate spring time event under the midnight sun in the far north of Sweden. It will be comprised of some pros, some ski industry types, and a bunch of other people. All who like skiing. 

A true throwback, the JP Memorial calls for a 90s outfit, film cameras, hi-8 video, etc. We encourage all documentation to be analog. There will be certain areas and hours in which we request no mobile devices, no instagram, and more importantly that you converse with the person next to you, stranger or not.

Take a breath and not worry about how many likes you get that day.

 Simply live in the now, live in the then.

Lets take it back to the good times of skiing, circa 1998. Let’s celebrate JP.

 We hope to see you there.


The Armada Family


The Story

The first annual JP Memorial in Riksgransen would have made JP proud.

There was a huge backflip thrown on a snow racer, epic sunset shoots, 20 year old skis, and a good time had by all. It was a special event in the sport of skiing, when events are all too focused on triple corks and who goes the biggest out of an icy pipe.

Riksgränsen Sweden is one of the most northern ski resorts in the world. It offers epic ski touring, snowmobiling, heli skiing and best of all it’s light out 24 hours a day in May. Sunset is about midnight, and it just only dips behind the mountain for a little more than an hour yielding an hours long sunset but no darkness, guaranteed. Yes, you really can go ski touring at midnight, easily.

Riksgränsen was the first place that Armada Co-Founders JP Auclair and Chris O’Connell met at the King of the Hill contest in 1998. That contest happened to be one of the events that single handedly changed skiing, as we know it. It was the first international gathering of what we would now refer to as freeskiers.

“This event was the best experience of my entire life” said  Clay Bryant, of Breckenridge, Colorado. Clay is a freestyle coach who happened to take home the peer voted best mute backflip award. Ingrid took her first ski tour without JP. Andrea’s sister Sandra went out with Ingrid and friends for a day high up into the mountains, “it was my best tour I have ever done” Ingrid's face beamed.

It made us happy to see her find joy as it’s been a tough journey to lose the love of her life.

This year we hope to see everyone back and and make new friends.

The JP Memorial gathering runs directly into the HejTö! music festival so feel free to stay around and listen to some Swedish music acts on snow that weekend the 20-22nd.

Come join. 

This gathering is open to all and we expect to have as many non skiing participants as those who ski. Come have a few laughs. Come for a ski with the crew or just toss back a few beers with some of the world’s best skiers.

Best trick – period correct of course

Best mute backflip – always

Best QP straight air 

Best QP Trick

For the skiing comp there is no set entry fee, it’s whatever you can afford or would like to pay.

Please email us to get your name on the list so we can hold your spot


Open to everyone in attendance:

Best 90s outfit

Best Hair

Most Fun

Best Photo

Send It Award

JP didn’t have ‘sponsors’, he had partners.

Those that you see here have stood with him for a cumulative of 42 years. They make this memorial a reality and they help make skiing fun! 

Proudly held at Riksgränsen Resort